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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Audiobook Review of Touch & Go by Lisa Gardner

Written by: Lisa Gardner

Narrated by: Elisabeth Rodgers

Length: 14 hrs and 29 mins 

Format: Unabridged

Release Date: 02-05-13

Publisher: Brilliance Audio

Program Type: Audiobook



“Pain has a flavor” and that flavor is oranges, at least it is for Libby Denbe.   But not so long ago when Libby’s life was without pain, a time when  her “picture perfect” life really was perfect, the taste of oranges was bliss.  She was married to the perfect man, and they had a beautiful daughter they both loved and cherished, their life together was their dream fused into reality, or at least, so she believed. 

Now, that time is over.  She and her family have been ripped away from their beautiful home into a nightmare that they fear and do not understand.  Their perfect life melts away as the dark secrets each of them holds begins to surface while their current predicament gnaws at them both physically and psychologically.

It is up to Tessa Leone and other law enforcement to find them before it’s too late.  But even if they can be saved physically, will it be too late to save them from their past?

This was the first book I have read/listened to by Lisa Gardner.  Although this is the second in the series featuring Tessa Leone the story follows well by itself.  The premise of the book was something that could be heard about on the news which is not normally the type of book I enjoy because of its modern style but some of the lesser characters were quite interesting and kept my attentiveness.    However;  What was disappointing to me was that they mystery was not challenging. I figured out the predictable conclusion very early on and was just coasting to the end to have my prediction confirmed.

The narrator, Elisabeth Rodgers, does a great job with the accent work of some of the characters, but I did occasionally find the narration a bit lulling.  These parts were very minor and overall I would listen to her narratives again and she does believable work.

I would give this book 3 stars overall (my three star rating means – I can finish the book and am at least partially interested/entertained.)

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