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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Audiobook Review of Zombie Eyes by Robert W. Walker

Zombie Eyes: Bloodscreams #3
Written by: Robert W. Walker
Narrated by: Robert Neil DeVoe
Length: 7 hrs and 44 mins 
Format: Unabridged
Release Date:07-01-14
Publisher: Robert W. Walker
Program Type: Audiobook

What starts out as one of New York’s most promising building projects turns into a nightmare when the construction crew unearths a centuries old ship buried deep below ground.  The ship, while an archeologists dream, spreads an unknown contagion and runs rampant through Manhattan.
In order to save the ever-growing army of “zombie-like” citizens from spreading the contamination throughout the country, David Stroud, who is all too familiar with supernatural occurrences, steps in to try and defeat the ancient evil that threatens to destroy them. 
This is my first “zombie book” and  my first by this author.  The archeological spin of the story made this an appealing read.  I particularly liked how characters actions and behaviors were not always consistent when faced with danger and fear.  This is how most of us would react I believe.  I also feel this more realistic aspect was shown in the conclusion of the book. 
As the story progressed and the action increased, I felt that the story would play out well in movie form and currently this would fit right in with what is popular.
Unfortunately, the narration was mediocre at best.   In my opinion, the narrator was somewhat monotone, did not always pause appropriately and I believe even bungled once on a word.   The narrator did do a good job with the pace of the story, and some of the voices were done fairly well.  I think had the narration been better the story would have pulled me in more.
Overall I would rate the book at 3 stars which for me means… Book considered "okay". I was able to finish the book and was at least partially interested/entertained. I might recommend this book to others if it seemed like something that would be a good fit for them.

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